Stay For Tea EP

by Shellfin

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Harry Harrison
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Harry Harrison I’ve already got Secondhand Family from these guys and it’s always been a constant on my playlists. I’m only six years late for this release, but as they say; better late than never. This EP is heavy Stoner goodness from Brisvegas that may not be as smooth as their later releases but definitely doesn’t suffer for the rawness. These guys carry a massive sound with strong clear vocals reminiscent of Corrosion Of Conformity or Spiritual Caravan. This is a worthy addition to any Stoner collection. Favorite track: Extent Of It.
FDJ thumbnail
FDJ Another good band who marry the groove of 70's rock with the aggression of 80's/90's stoner and kick your arse all the way into the 00's! Favorite track: Mud.
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released June 26, 2009


all rights reserved



Shellfin Brisbane, Australia

shellfin {noun}
pronounced: heh-vee-as-fv*k
1. A collection of tough as guts riffs and classic pop rock hooks in the form of regressive stoner rock.
e.g. If I have any more Shellfins, I’ll explode.
2. The combination of physical states caused by alcohol, marijuana and tinnitus.
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Track Name: Stay For Tea
This is my home and I'll do as I please
You'll have to learn you've no hold on me
I drink through the day 'cause you shit me to tears
I come for the fight but I stay for the tea
The wild flowers grow on my windowsill
Four feet from the ground, right above the wheel
I could be more but why should I care
When there'r fucks all around and you in my hair

Help me hide my bones in the yard

The sun's narrow beams speak through holes in the sheet
Lighting dust in the air with the full noon's heat
I've nowhere to go but I'm tired of sleep
I hate my offspring but I'll stay here for tea

Help me hide my brains in the yard

This is my home but I'm so far from free
I can't get away so I'll stay here for tea.
Track Name: Mud
Here it comes around again
A boiling spoon of mud for my pain
I hang from the fan and spin the room
And steal my eyes from the ostrich plume

Rush of fluid to my head
A series of blinks and I'm in the red
A knock at the door so I touch wood
Am I awake? Whose is the blood?

Oh look what I've become

The flashing lights of halogen bloom
The rubber gloves, the needles soon
Pulled up from the depths before my doom
They're rough as shit, they've killed my boom
Track Name: 7-8 Inches Of Fist
You might think that you've got it all made
With your wage and your place in the shade
You've got life by the balls, classy whores
Fancy house, polished hard-wooden floors
You hang out with your vacuous kind
Sipping wine, dining fine in the blind
It's all about that status quo, art nouveaux
Romeo, Tokyo, Folio

So take all of your money
Put it somewhere it bleeds
What you got for all your trouble
7-8 inches of fist

Started with a shirt, not much more
In the mail room on the bottom floor
Having fun for a while then it's time
Start to climb, sucking up, next in line
It was not so wise getting gold in your eyes
Suckered in to their lies

Put your trust in the wrong people
Promised fortune for our deeds
How's your loyalty rewarded?
With 7-8 inches of fist

What's left for you to do, you've been screwed
Stand in line every night for your food
Think they've won, grab your gun, tell no one
Time has come for your place in the sun
Interrupt them at tea, see the joke is one me
So i shoot every cunt in the head

Now there's a small feeling of justice
Food & corpse alike grow cold
.222 delivered
7-8 inches of fist
Track Name: Under The Ailing Sun
I know you're not able to see the damage is done
A hollowed house of burning debris, we're overrun

Leave this child to wither and die under the ailing sun
Who will know?
Clawing at my chest, removing the dirt
Worms writhe from my skin in search of an ailing sun
No one here is waiting for you
You will die in vain pursuit of truth

The world's never kind
And my heart is lost in the crowd
The dust burns my lungs
My face melts away
All that's left are your lies
Track Name: Extent Of It
Wasting my time yet again
It's a habit I no longer enjoy
If I wasted just a little more
The irony would be so damn sweet
Instead I've a trail of obligation
Living free has seen me my most imprisoned yet
Seeming life of luxury
Nothing to show for any of it

I tried to enjoy the simplest things
'Cause that's what the experts all say
It'll keep more than the blood pressure down
Leave your dreams in the dirt

I am the face of the hopeless
I rule the legions of pointless slobs
I've become less than a number
A far cry from all I bet on

Got a nice little house of straw
Built on a bed of sand
In a kingdom of shit
That's the extent of it